Blacksheep Media will be glad to make a lyric video that looks like a professional music video. Our lyric video makers will use video archives, footages and even shoot required video content themselves to turn your music video into an an original piece of art. You have idea and would like to discuss it?

Producing a music video is a very important endeavor as it has a major impact on the artist’s reputation and their attractiveness for industry professionals. With our latest works, Blacksheep Media has transformed from a lyric video maker into a full scale music video maker. We can offer highly creative lyric video production services that will help you achieve a similar promotion effect as from a music video production, but for far less money. Check out our showreel for music videos:


Our music video production is 100% original ideas. We guarantee individual approach to every project we deal with.


For every project we create a unique video concept. Music artist is welcome to contribute his own video materials, or we will be glad to shoot visual content by ourselves.


Blacksheep Media is known for the top value-for-money ratio. Due to efficiency and experience in video technologies, you are getting the best output for your investment.


In addition to 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we also ensure our customer’s confidentiality and secure business practice. All our customers are covered by Pay Pal Buyer Protection.

You have an ambitious music video project, but a local music video maker charges way too much? Premium lyric video production might be reasonable alternative for much much cheaper. We love projects that challenge our creativity even when the budget is tight. Looking forward to be shocked by the opportunities?

What music video maker needs?

Your song and materials

The music video maker will need your song, proofread lyrics and any visual materials that you want us to use in the music video. Those might be artist’s live videos, various artworks or band’s photo, album cover or logo. We would also advise to come up with a few references of music videos that you like, as well as to write some ideas  in a free text: what your song is about and how you see the video?

100% Downpayment

Our work starts with when the customer pays the Pay Pal invoice we issue for our services. For the security purpose all our customers are protected by Pay Pal Buyer Protection Policy. Once the invoice is paid and all the materials are in place we start with preparing the preview.

Some time

Depending on project terms we will need 3-4 days to prepare the 15-20 sec preview. Upon receive, customer can ask music video maker for revisions of the concept. Once the preview is confirmed we start with building the whole music video. It can take 10-30 days to have the whole music video production finished, depending on various factors (urgency, song’s length, budget, quality of provided materials, etc.)

Looking for an affordable, creative and reliable music video maker?